Local guide - Paweł

Mountain guide

In 2006 I have finished course for guides in Beskidy Mountains – part of Carpathian Mountains run by the Students Association. Till now I am active  member of these organisation. It is how I have started my experience with guiding. At the beginning I was working a lot with Polish school groups spending a lot of time in a nature. In 2009 I have finished the Jagiellonian University having my master’s degree in biology. It was a great time when working was so close connected with my education.

In 2008 I have become a local guide in my beloved city of Krakow. It is a place where I was born and spent most of my life. Having my family from there I’ve never wanted to move. It is how I’ve decided to share my passion with visitors. First I worked mostly with polish visitors from other parts of Poland and sometimes with local schools. Bu with a time I spent more time with my guests coming from abroad. I am working in English but I can understand also Russian.